Kalama Centre for Human Relations

The Kalama Centre for Human Relations

The central aim of The Kalama Centre for Human Relations is to provide a safe environment to allow each member to experience, explore and share their own personal assumptions, attitudes and emotional reactions to life and living.

Through the course of each evening, members will be helped to get in touch with, and understand more fully, their predominant ways of relating to others, to themselves, and to their life situation – both adaptive and creative, as well as maladaptive and non-constructive. Through this process, members will be encouraged to gradually become more trusting of their own core experiencing.

One of the major assumptions of The Kalama Centre for Human Relations is that each of us as individuals has within us the unquestionable potential to achieve healing, wholeness, and fulfilment. However, the key to the unlocking of such potential, lies within the formation of empathic and respectful relationships. Thus, a focal emphasis of The Centre and the Human Relations Facilitators is to help foster reciprocal processes of care, concern, respect, responsibility, and empathic understanding between all members.