Kalama Centre for Human Relations

The Kalama Association for Human Relations

The major assumption underlying The Kalama Association for Human Relations is that each of us as individuals has within us the unquestionable potential to achieve healing, wholeness, and fulfillment.  However, the key to the unlocking of such potential, lies within the formation of empathic and respectful relationships with others.  Thus a focal emphasis of the Association and the Human Relations facilitators is to help foster reciprocal processes of care, concern, respect, responsibility, and empathic understanding between all participants.   

The central aim, therefore, of The Kalama Association for Human Relations is to provide a supportive environment in which each participant feels free to experience, explore and share their personal assumptions, attitudes and emotional reactions to their own life and living.  To aid in this personal journey of experience and exploration, the Kalama Association has devised a ‘Small Group Support Network’ consisting of a number of small groups conducted by experienced facilitators.  In each small group, use is made of Lectures on CDs following through a wide variety of aspects of life and living from a psychological perspective. 

In the small group, participants are encouraged to share with one another their reactions to the content of the CD as it seems relevant to them, their situation and their internal processes.  Through this process, hopefully, participants will gradually come to understand more fully their predominant ways of relating to one another, to themselves, and to their life situation.  Through this process, it is also hoped, participants will gradually develop a greater sense of awareness of their own core experiencing, confidence in their life situation, and trust in their chosen way of being in the world.